About Us

M/S SPM Enterprise came into existence with modest infrastructure in the area of Manpower Supply under the directorship & guidance of Mr. S.P. Mukherjee in the year 1984. Gradually it is flourishing & came into the limelight in this category all over India. SPM Enterprise started his Man Power Supply career as the Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd at Karanjawal, Pune.

Our company is a unique community of people & values. On the other hand deals in human capital, pairing skilled workers with business in need of our specialized abilities. We serve them satisfactorily with our manpower resources at their different factories situated in various parts of India like Kolkata, Haridwar, Silvasa & many other places.

You will get to know more about our reliable & entrusted company——

In India, this establishment occupied a prominent location in the field of Manpower Supply. It is serving multiple modes of industries manufacturing conductor-Cable, Optic fiber, Power cable, OPGW Cable, Data cable etc. We provide a technology platform that addresses our complete requirement when it comes managing contract employees.

We also provide unique value to clients & candidates which cover an entire range of talent-driven need for recruitment & assessment, training & development, and career management. We create powerful connections between organization & talent. We need to enhance our competitiveness & workforce potential.

Employees of this company dedicated to their respective roles & put a lot of efforts to achieve the common vision & larger goals of the company.

The company provides a golden opportunity to serve them & we kept our commitment in a true sense through our diligence and perseverance.